Infertility Management

Are You Trying To Conceive?

infertility-dr.pngAre you wondering if something is wrong? Sometimes the reasons for not conceiving are simple to address. The normal ovarian cycle is so complex that even small changes may disrupt the cycle and prevent ovulation. The hormonal control of the menstrual cycle can be extremely complex. The good news? Treatments are available for many of these conditions.

In most cases, hormonal imbalances, like not having enough of a certain hormone or not releasing a hormone at the right time, are the cause of the problem. Extremely low body weight, being overweight, or any significant change in weight (loss or gain) can also cause imbalances. There are so many small things that can complicate conception, so seeking care early can eliminate a lot of frustration.

When to See an Infertility Specialist

You should see a healthcare provider any time you have concerns about your fertility. It’s always better to have your questions answered than to live with the pain of infertility or recurrent miscarriage. Our patients often tell us that they wished they would have come to us earlier. We are here any time you have questions about your health. Understanding Infertility...

Dr. Mary Martin has dedicated much of her practice to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriage. We know it’s a difficult time of life. We understand the emotional strain experienced by couples who are unable to conceive. Our goal is for you to conceive naturally and carry your pregnancy to a blissful outcome. We offer the most advanced testing, and focus on finding the underlying problem resulting in infertility or recurrent miscarriage, rather than treating the symptoms.

You Are Not Alone.

infertility-family.pngInfertility affects 15% to 20% of the couples who are trying to conceive. Many infertility specialists choose costly shortcuts which ignore the underlying diagnosis. This may include hormonal injections, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, which may make couples feel like bystanders or DNA donors rather than co-creators with God in the miracle of life. While some will conceive, others will exhaust their savings, not even learning about the underlying problem. Fertility is a gift. While not all couples will conceive, properly diagnosing and treating the underlying issue has long-term health benefits, as there are relatively few causes and most are generally treatable.

Our Infertility Management Program Is Different

Over the years we’ve seen the cost of infertility treatments skyrocket. At the same time, most insurance companies have either dramatically reduced their coverage, or have eliminated their coverage. Our infertility consultant/management fee comprehensively diagnoses the underlying issue. Once the diagnosis is made, diagnosis codes can be submitted to insurance companies for management and treatment protocols and testing.

Every couple is different, but many of the assessments are the same. So, instead of charging for test after test, Dr. Martin charges a one-time, up front fee to manage and evaluate your infertility testing. You will know at the start of your treatment what the charges are going to be, without worrying about a never-ending financial drain. The cost for participating is a fraction of the cost normally paid for “pay as you go” testing. Many people find our program saves them up to 85% of what they might pay on unnecessary treatments. We offer affordable financing with 0% payment plans, or monthly payments as low as $68. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will work with your insurance company and the benefits covered under your plan. It’s a unique approach to infertility management, and it’s one that will likely save you thousands of dollars.

The Next Step

Schedule a consultation and discuss your individual needs. We’ll give you an overview and timeline for your testing, and discuss your options. We consider it a pleasure to be a part of your decision to start a family.

Multiple Miscarriages

A miscarriage is always devastating to parents who have been trying to conceive. While experiencing one miscarriage can be distressing, having to go through two or more can be overwhelmingly traumatic for a couple. Suffering multiple miscarriages is a good indication that you need to see a fertility specialist. Recurrent pregnancy loss is often a sign of an underlying fertility problem that requires treatment before a successful pregnancy can occur. Often the problem is a hormonal or ovulation problem that can be resolved within a matter of weeks. We are always sympathetic to couples who are going through this tramatic experience.